Technical Downloads

Installation, user and technical guides are available for free download, covering the RCS and RCS-Bacharach product ranges.

The Eden Compact Controller: Product Guide

The Eden Avanta Controller: Product Guide

GP Gateway (SM1020 & SM1020/W): Product Guide

GP Gateway (SM1020):  Short Form Guide

Orion 4 Channel Monitor (MQTT): Product Guide

Orion 4 Channel Monitor (XML): Product Guide

SM2000 Web Manager: Product Guide

Eden Power Tray: Product Guide

Bacharach Multizone Gas Leak Detector

PT1000 Temperature Probe Data Sheet

RCS Recommended Wiring Practices

Eden Compact FAQs

Eden Compact USPs

Eden Avanta USPs

We are currently in the process of re-formatting our installation, user and technical guides with more to follow shortly.

For more information on specific products please contact us directly.