Refrigeration Control

Efficient and effective refrigeration control is an essential function for sectors as diverse as food retail, pharmaceutical and healthcare, and hospitality.

RCS’ unique refrigeration control technologies have been developed and refined over many years to ensure they exactly meet the unique and individual requirements of each market.


Accurate temperature management from the smallest refrigeration unit to the largest commercial supermarket refrigeration systems.


100% compliant with key legislation across all sectors, including critical functions like full and easily traceable audit trail.



Easy to install, configure and maintain, and with easy-to-use in-store interfaces for effortless refrigeration control.

In addition, RCS’ powerful hardware and software solutions have been developed to support the increasingly sophisticated refrigeration energy management, cost control and environmental strategies of our customers.

Our comprehensive suite of technologies work together to monitor, manage and control the usage of both energy and refrigerant gases – the two variables which present the refrigeration industry with its largest economic and environmental cost challenges.

By combining our refrigeration solutions with our leak detection technologies, your refrigeration system can make an active and significant contribution to your energy management strategies – driving down costs and improving environmental performance.

By helping you to measure, manage and reduce the energy that goes in to a refrigeration system; and to monitor and detect the refrigerant gas that leaks out, we can deliver a powerful triple-win for your business.

Reduced cost through energy and HFC efficiency.

Reduced carbon footprint through energy efficiency.

Reduced HFC footprint through leak reduction.

Some of the features of our refrigeration control systems which help drive the Triple Win outcomes include:

Reducing energy IN:

Refrigeration energy management sits at the heart of the RCS range of refrigeration control and management products, the result of decades of focused research and development work.

Across a typical installation RCS delivers significant energy savings by deploying technologies such as:


Sophisticated energy-saving algorithms, ensuring efficient and appropriate use of compressors, condensing fans and other energy-intensive items of refrigerant plant.


Variable energy use depending on time of day, ambient temperature and demands on the system, delivered through management of night setback modes and sophisticated discharge / suction pressure control.


Exception reporting and alarm generation of night blind, lighting and other energy critical criteria across a single store or entire store estates, inclusive of satellite installations.


Individual product features such as the integrated adaptive trim control and regulation in our latest Eden controller range, dramatically reducing consumption in these high-energy heating units.

Reducing HFC Out:

With world-beating detection accuracy down to 1 part per million, up to 64 easily-installed sensing points per Multi-Zone unit, and a powerful portable detector designed to go anywhere, the unique RCS-Bacharach system means that leaks can for the first time be detected literally anywhere.

The result is a system which proves that there is no such thing as an ‘undetectable leak’, and provides a practical and affordable solution for tackling the cost and environmental impact of F-gas leakage.


Market-leading sampling rates and sampling distances, and detection accuracy down to 1ppm.


Comprehensive system solution that detects leaks anywhere – including already contaminated areas, in display cabinets and even outside.


Proprietary infrared sensing technology eliminates false alarms and extends sensor life.


Simple integration into any existing refrigeration system.