Leak Detection & F-Gas Compliance

Since January 2015, the F-Gas Regulations have demanded effective leak detection from more businesses than ever, both large and small.

RCS’ market-leading leak detection systems have been designed to meet this obligation for every business.


Our systems and equipment are flexible, affordable and easily-scaled to meet the needs of all installation sizes, budgets and organisational F-Gas obligations.


Our groundbreaking sensor technology delivers accurate and reliable detection (right down to 1 part per million (PPM) if required), and all refrigerant types (including CO2 and HFC / HCFC) can be accommodated in a single solution.



Fully compliant leak detection can be implemented as a stand-alone installation or easily integrated with existing management and control systems.

To help you identify and meet your F-Gas obligations and other leak detection objectives, RCS offers free system assessments and a comprehensive installation, technical support, servicing and planned preventative maintenance service.

Convenience / Small Stores

RCS’ fixed point leak detection systems and equipment provide an affordable and F-Gas compliant solution that is equally well suited to a single convenience stores or a large portfolio of smaller stores.


MGS fixed point sensors are carefully positioned around the store to ensure effective coverage – typically within frozen food coldrooms, HT coldrooms and any plant room.


Each of the sensors is connected to an in-store RCS Monitoring Panel, which monitors the analogue signal from each sensor and provides an accurate PPM reading for each.


Alarm levels can be set for each channel to provide typically three levels of alarm, “alert”, “alarm” and “critical”, with alarms triggering a beacon / siren. This process is controlled by the panel, allowing for a testing function to be specified for each individual beacon / siren – further reducing the wiring requirements and cost of installation.


Critically for many users, the Monitoring Panel communicates these readings, alarm information and datalogs from the sensors directly to third-party monitoring bureaus and other management systems for effective integration with existing building management and control systems.

Large Retail

RCS-Bacharach aspirated detection technology is transforming large retailers’ response to the issues around F-Gas regulation and HFC leakage.


The unrivalled accuracy and coverage of the RCS-Bacharach system derives from a proprietary infrared sampling bench which delivers detection accuracy down to just 1ppm, as well as virtually eliminating false alarms.


Combined with fast sampling rates and sampling distances up to 1,200ft, this technology provides a powerful platform for the complete RCS-Bacharach range.


To ensure comprehensive coverage throughout the store, up to 64 sensors can be accommodated per Multi-Zone Monitor unit.


And the new PGM-IR portable detector takes effective detection store-wide. By showing actual concentrations of refrigerant gases in real time on a handheld unit, the PGM-IR can detect for the first time low level leaks in areas which render traditional leak detection technology ineffective – places such as already contaminated areas, the inside of chiller cabinets and even outside the store.