Eden Compact

Eden Compact

The Eden Compact series represents a complete range of next-generation controller units for automatic temperature regulation and defrost scheduling in refrigerated display cabinets and coldroom applications.

Each of the units in the range delivers a powerful combination of connectivity, flexibility and ease of use in a compact form.

On-board communication

The Eden Compact series was designed as the first all-in-one compact refrigeration controller requiring no additional communication modules. Through its on-board IP / wireless or 485 communication modules, the Eden Compact delivers a genuine revolution in refrigeration control connectivity.

Class-leading features

Each unit provides as standard a total of seven temperature / analogue inputs. As well as the standard five probe connections (Air On, Air Off, Evaporator In, Evaporator Out and Defrost Termination), this means that a product probe can be connected on the sixth input and the remaining input can be configured to accept different input signals such as pressure, humidity or pulses – particularly useful in CO2 applications or where energy monitoring by case is required.


Easy to use

Features such as the two-part connectors as standard for the wiring of all I/O help ensure that the units are easy to install, with configuration / commissioning managed via a choice of front panel, supervisory system or dedicated Windows application.

Product Features:

Underpinning the exceptional performance of the entire range are RCS’ proven energy management technologies and a host of dedicated features.

Together, these features help ensure that the Eden Compact represents the most versatile and powerful compact controller on the market today.


Sophisticated and unique algorithms which ensure efficient and appropriate use of energy-intensive items of refrigeration plant


Specific energy saving features including the LLV cycle function which reduces energy at the pack by closing the case inlet valve if it has been sat in the deadband for longer than a pre-set time


Adaptive control of trim heaters, managed via a zero crossing triac module


Additional energy saving features such as night blind monitoring / alarming, setback control and parameter management all become available when the controller is used in conjunction with an RCS supervisory system

There are four models in the Eden Compact series covering the full range of evaporator inlet valve type and connectivity options. See the table below for full details and model numbers.

 Valve TypeConnectivityModel Reference
Eden Compact with Integral DisplayEEV485EC2111
Eden Compact for Remote DisplayEEV485EC2211
Eden Remote Display with Buttonsn/an/aED2100

Each has been fully tested and certified to BS EN 60730-1.