Orion Remote Monitors

Orion Remote Monitor

The Orion remote monitor has been purpose-built to meet the specific demands of cloud-based monitoring solutions.

This cost-effective, reliable and proven unit is designed to log and record data from multiple types of independently-controlled plant and equipment, detecting temperature, pressure, plant faults or any other information across a site and then communicating it directly to cloud-based monitoring bureaus.
Available in 16 or 4 channel versions, the Orion monitors can receive a wide range of digital or analogue signals:

4 channel – four analogue inputs, two digital inputs.


16 channel – sixteen analogue inputs, eight digital inputs, eight digital outputs.

Product Features:

Features include individual alarm set points for each channel, individual alarm delays for each channel, and defrost monitor inputs with configurable recovery delays.

Analogue Inputs

Analogue inputs can be used for a huge range of sensor and transducer types, measuring functions including (but not limited to): light level; temperature; force / pressure; position; speed; sound; wind; rain; gas leak; water leak; PIR, ultrasonic or microwave; alarms; magnetic contacts; lux level; and more.

Digital Inputs

Digital inputs channels can be used for fault state monitoring of plant operating conditions, door open alarms, man trapped alarms and more.

Digital Outputs

Digital outputs can be used for simple control functions such as remote reset, valve / fan control, lighting control and more.


All Orion monitors are extremely accurate with, for example, temperature control achievable to a tenth of a degree.

That same level of accuracy is possible whatever the application or the quantity being measured. See the table below for a full list of quantities, input devices and outputs / applications.


The low power requirement of each Orion monitor means flexibility and portability.

There are a range of options for power, from traditional mains, host appliance or battery solutions to a 5V USB or phone charger or even a cheap solar / battery pack to deliver the ultimate off-grid solution for remote locations.


All Orion’s deliver seamless and direct connectivity to the world’s best monitoring bureaus, connecting directly to the cloud via Wi-Fi, GSM or Ethernet.

And to help users with different types of equipment in situ, all are designed to integrate with the systems & equipment manufactured by leading industry names.

Thanks to its low-power requirements, class-leading connectivity and extensive input / output options, the Orion unit can support a huge range of monitoring and measurement applications.

Quantity being MeasuredInput DeviceOutput and Application
Thermistor (All popular variants)
Temperature Monitoring
Temperature Control
Heater Control
Fan Control
Valve Control
Energy saving applications
Pressure / ForcePressure Transducer
Load Cells
Strain Sensor
Plant Operating Pressures
Vibration Monitoring
Energy saving applications
Light LevelLight Dependant Resistor (LDR)
Solar Cell
Lights & Lamps Control
Condition Monitoring
Shutter Control
Lux level sensors
Energy saving applications
Reflective/Slotted Opto-switch
Motor Control
Solenoid Valve Status
Reflective/Slotted Opto-coupler
Doppler Effect Sensors
AC and DC Motor Status
Stepper Motor Monitoring
Energy saving applications
Wind sensorsAnemometerSpeed Monitoring
Building Control
Liquid sensorsLevel Detectors
Float Switches
Flow Meters
Level detection
Flood detection
Building Control
Refrigerant Gas leak detectorsMurco - MDS / MGSShut down Plant
Leak Alerts / Alarms
Reset Detectors
Presence detectorsPIR, ultrasonic, microwaveTurn lights on/off automatically, monitor occupancy and usage
Alarms - typescarbon monoxide, fire,Alert cloud bureau contact occupants - safety applications
Magnetic contactsProximity SwitchSecurity related alarms, window open turn off heating etc.
Gas, electric, water usagePulse / Energy MetersConsumption data
Volt free contactsReed Switches
Pressure Switches
Relay Contacts
Control gates / access / remote access
Energy saving applications
Plant Alarm Chains