PGM-IR Portable Detector

PGM-IR Portable Leak Detector

The PGM-IR represents a breakthrough in portable monitor technology for analysing and checking halogen-based refrigerant levels.

Product Features:

The features and benefits of the PGM-IR include:


Finds leaks as small as 1 ppm


The LCD Display shows concentration in real time


Very fast response and clearing times


Can locate leaks in small and hard to reach areas


Helps to prioritize where resources need to be


Real time detection

The secret to its unique power, in addition to its portability, lies in the fact that the PGM-IR’s integrated LCD display shows contamination in real time.

Actual concentrations

PFM-IR shows actual concentrations, meaning it doesn’t zero out background concentrations, it isn’t looking for changes in concentration and, crucially for many refrigeration applications, that it isn’t disrupted by changes in temperature.

Breakthrough technology

All of which means it becomes possible to detect, for the first time, low level leaks in areas which render traditional leak detection technology ineffective – places such as already contaminated areas, the inside of chiller cabinets, and even outside the store.