About us

monitoring and control technology

RCS is a global leader in the design, manufacture and support of remote monitoring and control technology.

Few technology firms offering the latest generations of Cloud connectivity or Internet of Things solutions have a real understanding of the technologies they are monitoring and controlling.
As well as a lack of experience, they often lack the electronics capabilities required to ensure precise and consistent monitoring.
RCS is different.

For more than 30 years, RCS has been at the leading edge of control and energy management innovation.

Among our many breakthroughs, we were the first to deliver:


Fully electronic commercial temperature controls and system management as a complete package (as early as 1982)


automated temperature logging, temperature reporting and acknowledgement software to comply with food safety legislation


wireless temperature monitoring


coloured touch screen controlled system managers


a fully integrated IP controller.

Our control technology is conceived and built around the very latest in IP connectivity, processor architecture and software platforms.

Our approach to innovation and product development is to make sure that the thousands of controller and monitoring units already in commercial service remain fit for the challenges ahead, fully connected and incorporated into a next generation of remote monitoring and control systems.

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