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The revolutionary RCS-Bacharach PGM-IR Portable Detector has been shortlisted by judges at the RAC Cooling Industry Awards 2014.

The PGM-IR, a joint entry in the awards by RCS Energy Management and partners Murco, has been shortlisted in the Refrigeration Innovation category.

The winner will be announced at the awards ceremony on 24th September at the London Hilton.

The PGM-IR represents a breakthrough in portable monitor technology for analysing and checking halogen-based refrigerant levels.

In addition to its portability, its advances include the detection and display of actual concentrations in real time.

This means it doesn’t zero out background concentrations, that it’s not looking for changes in concentration and, crucially for many refrigeration applications, that it isn’t disrupted by changes in temperature.

This, combined with highly sensitive 1ppm detection and fast response and clearing times, makes it possible to detect for the first time low level leaks in areas which render traditional leak detection technology ineffective – places such as already contaminated areas, the inside of chiller cabinets, and even outside the store.

RCS Commercial Manager Simon Grater said: “We are delighted that the RAC Cooling Awards judges have recognised the breakthrough nature of the PGM-IR in this way. “Everyone who has used the unit has quickly identified its power and potential – that it can locate for the first time the smallest leaks in the hardest to reach areas, and them prioritise where their leak prevention resources need to be deployed.

“We looking forward to the Awards night in September and fingers crossed that the PGM-IR is as successful in the awards as it is already proving to be in the market!”