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RCS Energy Management has extended its pioneering integrated communication module concept with a new DIN rail mounted controller, the Eden Avanta.

The Avanta is the second in RCS’ Eden range of next-generation controller units for automatic temperature regulation and defrost scheduling in refrigerated display cabinets and coldroom applications.

It follows hot on the heels of the successful launch in 2012 of the Eden Compact, the first all-in-one compact refrigeration controller requiring no additional communication modules, thanks to its on-board RS485, IP or wireless communication support.

The Avanta carries the same on-board communication functions as the Compact, but has been designed to be either DIN rail mounting or screw fixed.


To ensure maximum versatility, the controller offers six changeover relay outputs and a total of seven temperature / analogue inputs as standard. This means that as well as the standard five probe connections (Air On, Air Off, Evaporator In, Evaporator Out and Defrost Termination), a product probe can be connected on the sixth input and the seventh can be configured to accept different input signals such as pressure, humidity or pulses – particularly useful in CO2 applications or where energy monitoring by case is required.

The units are easy to install, to configure and commission, with two part connectors provided as standard for the wiring of all I/O and control options including a front panel, the supervisory system or a dedicated Windows application.

The Avanta is available either with or without an integrated display, the latter for use with RCS’s new Eden Remote Display unit.


Underpinning the entire Eden range is RCS’ proven and unique energy management technology.

Alongside the sophisticated algorithms which ensure efficient and appropriate use of energy-intensive items of refrigeration plant, specific energy saving features include the LSV cycle function which reduces energy at the pack by closing the case inlet valve if it has been sat in the deadband for longer than a pre-set time.

Adaptive control of trim heaters is managed a zero crossing triac module, and additional energy saving features such as night blind monitoring / alarming, setback control and parameter management all become available when the controller is used in conjunction with an RCS supervisory system.

RCS Energy Management Commercial Manager Simon Grater said: “The Avanta takes all of the innovations and advances which have made the Eden Compact so successful and integrates them into a versatile new unit which offers the DIN rail or screw mounting options which customers require.

“Because RCS designs and manufacturers in England, we are able to respond to this kind of feedback very quickly and bring exactly the right control products to market in a matter of months, rather than years.

“Thanks to this responsiveness and attention to precise customer requirements, we believe the Eden range is well-placed to establish itself as the most effective and versatile controller solution in today’s commercial refrigeration market.”